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Daily Archives: February 18, 2013

Professor Christopher Tienken of Seton Hall University in New Jersey wrote the book “The School Reform Landscape: Myth, Fraud and Lies”. It is very engaging and makes such important points.

This video is a great introduction to School Reform

Christopher H. Tienken: The School Reform Landscape from Colin Comstock on Vimeo.

We can spend our time chasing meaningless rankings and competing for those rankings with countries that have populations no larger than Dallas/Fort Worth or Northern New Jersey, but that would be an offensive waste of taxpayer money. The results from international tests do not suggest a cause and effect relationship to economic strength or innovation.

I believe that in the US we should use our massive resources to enrich a unitary, democratic public school system to foster students to become resilient, persistent, creative, innovative, collaborative, empathetic, intrinsically motivated, socially conscious, globally/culturally aware, and critically thinking human beings.

According to the released items from the TIMSS battery of tests, TIMSS does not measure any of those traits; nor does PISA or PIRLS. Focusing too much on any single test is a recipe for fostering imitation, not creation and innovation. {Read more here:}