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Daily Archives: April 3, 2013

1. Loss of Local Control: The Common Core Standards siphon power away from families and local schools and give it to the government and business leaders. Keeping the power at the federal level will result in our schools changing their standards each time a new administration steps into office. The authority for our schools should stay with us, the taxpayers, not in Washington DC.

2. Reform that Relies on Standardized Tests: The Department of Education has committed 300 million dollars to the creation of these new tests, developed by two consortia (PARCC and SBAC). High stakes testing will ensure that there will be little effort to teach skills that are not tested.

3. Loss of Great Literature: The Common Core Standards recommends that older students spend 15% of their time in literature and 85% of their time reading informational text. Instead of reading the classics our children will be reading the riveting tome, “The Evolution of the Grocery Bag.”

4. Can We Afford All This Change?: The state checkbook is struggling with money during these difficult economic times. How can we afford all the new text books, all the testing, the training, the new resources, etc. The ongoing costs of Common Core assessments are projected at $177.2 million per year. Three guesses where all the money will come from!

5. Data Collecting: Records of physical and mental health, inappropriate behavior, disciplinary actions, test scores, personal information, etc. will follow your child starting in pre-school to age 20. The information will be shared among government agencies and other private agencies. This distribution of information will be done without your consent or knowledge.