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Daily Archives: April 8, 2013

Planned Parenthood’s intention to dominate the national sex education agenda has begun.

Planned Parenthood announced their intent to launch a nationwide “social change initiative” to end the “stigma and shame about sex” in American culture.

The project aims to teach parents and caregivers how to educate children about sex — from birth.

The “Real Life. Real Talk” initiative began as a pilot program in communities in Maine, New York, Connecticut, and Arizona between 2004 and 2008. “Real Life. Real Talk” is based on the belief that reducing the shame and stigma attached to sex also reduces a barrier to sexual and reproductive health services, eventually reducing the rates of sexually transmitted infections, HIV/AIDS, and unintended pregnancies.

The initiative is geared to parents and caregivers of children. The “Real Life. Real Talk” guide, offered in English and Spanish, is tailored to specific groups of parents and caregivers, including grandparents raising their grandchildren, “queer parents,” and parents of children in elementary school.”

A “Parent Tips” section of the “Real Life. Real Talk” Web site says children are never too young to learn about sex. It  states, in part:

“A child’s sexuality, sexual feelings, and sexual attitudes develop from the moment of Birth — even before a child can speak. In fact, children start learning about sexuality through observation of family interaction and surroundings. When you don’t talk with your children about sexuality, you may give them the message that there is something wrong with sexuality and that it is not a topic you’re willing to discuss.”

This same belief is the one that the United States Department of Health & Human Services is promoting. Both the U.S. Dept of HHS and Planned Parenthood share and teach the same ideas that Alfred Kinsey, a sadomasochistic, bi/homosexual masturbation and pornography addict, a psychopath who employed pedophiles to sodomize hundreds of little boys, taught for so many years.

Planned Parenthood’s website has a tab entitled “Teen Reality” which includes videos, like the one named “Don’t Dance with Death”. It features a “witch” giving young girls a potion and a condom before they go to a high school dance. One of the girls then gives the condom to the boy with whom she is dancing.

According to its annual report for Fiscal Year 2008-2009, Planned Parenthood’s income from government grants and contracts totaled $363.2 million, up for $349.6 million for the previous fiscal year.

Why is Planned Parenthood so enthralled with Alfred Kinsey? One can only wonder…

After reading more about Kinsey and his time at Indiana University, it won’t be much of a shock as to why America went from a relatively safe and Christian nation to a nation full of selfish and immoral people. Mr. Kinsey’s damage to children is more than extensive, the adults he lured made their choices, but these children and infants had no choice. Planned Parenthood celebrates this disgusting filth and promotes it to our children.

The Planned Parenthood falsehoods are so bizarre that the one must ask how far off the sanity grid can Planned Parenthood (PP) “sex science” mavens fall?

Such outrageous ignorance is pandered as PP “sex science” for adults and kiddies! PP adds that Kinsey got all of his information from “spoken interviews with 18,000 women and men.”
For that nonsense, PP needs to explain how “spoken” interviews produced Table 34 (over 200 children, all under age 12) and similar tables in Kinsey’s Male volume. Pinto’s new documentary The Kinsey Syndrome proves that these were sexual assaults, not chats. PP concludes with the additional (“sex science”) pabulum, boasting that Kinsey, a sexual predator, “sped our way to understanding a core belief that we hold dearly [sic] today.” Pray, what is that “core belief”? Why that sex is part of our “being human.” We learned that from Kinsey?! That sexuality is “lifelong,” meaning that it starts in the womb? That sex should be “celebrated with respect, openness, and mutuality.”

Well, until Kinsey, past generations didn’t know all that, of course! They didn’t feel “respect” for sex? They were closed to sex? There was no “mutuality” for the Greatest Generation that won WWII? They didn’t know that? And now, living according to Kinsey and PP’s “core belief” are women and children, marriage and love, healthier and safer? Do children play alone in our parks in the day? Do women stroll alone our streets at night?

No, Mr. President. Your idea that PP should educate anyone in “sex science,” or that Big Pornography lawyers will protect the equal rights of women and children are misguided in the extreme. Kinsey, Planned Parenthood, and Big Pornography have pulled off America’s Morality Heist. {blue text from Dr. Judith Reisman’s report on the Morality Heist.}