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Daily Archives: April 11, 2013

I have been getting many concerned mothers ask about sex ed curriculum here in the state, and mostly for the K-8th graders. Because of a few remarks that have been made locally and nationally, I decided to check into what is happening with Sex Ed or Health as some like to call it. I spoke to o different individuals in two different school districts who are in two different counties in Utah. I spoke with Ms. Sievertsen at TIS (an intermediate school counselor) and with Principal Mr. Hunsaker at Fielding Elementary. In discussing concerns and asking some questions of these two individuals the district nor school is required to send out an optin or optout form to parents.

Wasatch School District policy states that Peace House comes in for K, 2nd, 4th, 6th, & 8th grade. TIS has put a note in their online version (parents are emailed a link at the beginning of the month) stating that during April they will have the presentation for 6th graders. Ms. Sievertsen said that I was welcome to come see the presentation that will be given to the other classes, they run throughout the month of April. Betsy Ricks through Peace House gives the presentation which is state curriculum from Child Abuse Utah. I have gone to Peace House and Child Abuse Utah’s sites, and am not impressed with the donors, but, haven’t found anything glaringly wrong. The curriculum is supposed to be approved Core material via USOE.

Fielding Elementary (Box Elder District) only informs parents in a letter at the beginning of the year that a Safe Touch Program will be given in K, 2nd, 4th, & 6th grade, but they do not tell parents at any other time. Principal Hunsaker said that they purposely do not tell parents because, and I quote: “we don’t like parents to come, because some parents will keep their kids home, especially abused kids will be kept home. There have been cases of abuse found through this program.” This is a semi loose quote, but darn close to the exact wording. Principal Hunsaker said that the New Hope Crisis Center in Brigham City is who does the presentation (Mrs. Allen I believe is the presenter), and that it is a random thing throughout the year. No optin or optout form will be given to parents. The safe touch program is basically where it is appropriate to touch and where it is not appropriate to touch. Basically wherever the swim suit area is or covers is private, safe and unsafe touching is discussed as well as boundaries and bugging touch which is apparently poking or obnoxious touching, and then outside touch.

This is what I got from talking to these two individuals. What I would like to know is exactly what the curriculum says, who vets these organizations, who vets the presenters, and why are parents not informed the same way in every district?

I will be adding more information about Sex Education in schools, check back for more info.