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Thank you for your email. It appears that there has been some misunderstanding regarding possible action to be taken by the State Board of Education this Friday. The Board is not looking at any changes to FERPA – we do not have the power or authority to change FERPA law.

The Board members I’ve spoken with feel strongly about protecting students’ privacy. Unfortunately, the Legislature has passed legislation requiring classroom level student performance data be made public. As is always the case with bills passed by the Legislature, the State Board of Education is required to make “rules” that conform to the Legislature’s intent. The rule we are reviewing on Friday is our attempt to comply with legislation (as we are required to do) while still protecting student data. If you take the time to read through the rule I believe you’ll find we are earnest in the desire to protect students’ privacy.

If you have concerns about releasing student data, I would recommend that you contact your legislator.



Tami Pyfer

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