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With all of the talk across the country about student privacy, it seems that parents are getting pretty much the same message, “your child’s information will be kept safe, only stakeholders will be able to access it for educational purposes.” There is a somewhat new report that has come out about what the  U.S. Dept of Education plans to do with this data.



The following is what the Dept of Ed say’s:

“The report discusses the promise of sophisticated digital learning systems for collecting and analyzing very large amounts of fine-grained data (“big data”) as users interact with the systems. It proposes that this data can be used by developers and researchers to improve these learning systems and strive to discover more about how people learn. It discusses the potential of developing more sophisticated ways of measuring what learners know and adaptive systems that can personalize learners’ experiences.” Dept of Ed


“Data at the institutional level is becoming increasingly streamlined and cross-referenced, improving the capacity to link student data within and across systems.”


Newer digital learning systems use artificial intelligence to go beyond a behavioral definition of mastery (e.g., whether a student responds correctly or incorrectly) to incorporate detailed cognitive models of the knowledge to be learned (Falmagne et al. 1990; Ritter et al. 2007). These systems base adaptations not just on whether a student responds correctly or incorrectly, but also on a model of the student’s thinking compared with a target knowledge model (the domain model) with the goal of closing the gap. These systems constantly update the model of a student’s thinking as the student works with the system.

For whatever reason, the Dept of Ed thinks that facial expression sensors and artificial intelligence being used on our children is a good thing…they also mistakenly think that parents won’t be in TOTAL OUTRAGE over it when they finally figure out what is really happening!

A team at the University of Massachusetts is combining data from sensors that detect learners’ facial expressions and physical activity with data from the intelligent tutoring system Wayang Outpost to identify in real time whether a learner is feeling excited, confident, frustrated, or bored. The team has designed software characters or agents that behave differently depending on the learner’s emotional state. This system adapts dynamically and can respond differentially to the same student at different times depending on his or her current emotional state.

If you are a parent, you NEED to get involved and be informed about what is happening. There are many Facebook groups and pages dedicated to Stopping Common Core. You can also search the hashtag #stopcommoncore for info as well.

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