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Chief of Staff Joanne Weiss at the Dept. of Education has been publicly quoted saying that “data-mashing” is a good idea.  Secretary of Education Arne Duncan gives speeches calling for ”more robust data.” And at the recent White House Datapalooza, the CEO of eScholar stated that without Common Core tests being “the glue” for open data, this data movement would be impossible.

What kind of tests or surveys are you or your child’s teacher given to take on behalf of your child that will be collected as data for their student record? Just about every thing you say, type, or show will be in the child’s permanent record.


Data that can be collected for students permanent record:


Birth certificate (full copy!!)

Attendance records

Immunization record (every update)

Medical history


Special transportation needs (wheelchair, oxygen, other medical equip)




Dietary needs


Tests schools use (these are some, but certainly not all):

Connors – Social/Behavioral Functioning 3rd Edition

UNIT – Universal Nonverbal Intelligence Test

Behavioral Intervention Plans

SIB-R-SF  — Scales of Independent Behavior Revised Early Development Form

BASC-2-PRS –Behavior Assessment System for Children Second Edition

Battelle Developmental Inventory 2nd Edition

Student Assessment Reports by CTB/McGraw-Hill


More assessments that collect data for kids birth to 3 years old:

This manual contains the SKI-HI Language Development Scale which is a parent observation scale listing the receptive and expressive language skills of children ages birth to five. It is specifically designed for children who are deaf or hard of hearing. The manual contains the rationale and development of the scale, reliability and validity information, instructions for administering and scoring, and the scale (test form) itself.

This is not a complete list by any means. Please comment and add your findings!

If you take a look through your IFSP (for 0-3 yrs) there will also be a great deal of personal info, medical info, and lots of tests or assessments that are done and should be listed in the sheet the IFSP coordinator leave with you each time. Need more info on IFSP’s?

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